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Tuition and Fees


An investment worth making...
"Paideia prepared me for God's work in the world by establishing a well-rounded and knowledgeable understanding of scripture and its application. The academics developed time management, critical thinking, and an overall analytical worldview that prepared me for higher education."



- Kerry Wilson, 2017 PCCS Graduate


Tuition and Fees

Think of classical Christian education not merely in terms of price and cost, but in terms of investment and value.

Schools like Paideia prepare students for college – spiritually as well as academically – so K-12 tuition dollars are really an investment in your children's future well-being.

An average tuition, divided over 1,300 hours of instruction across the school year, equals less than $5 per hour – less than most of us would pay for a good babysitter – so it's a wonderful value, too.

We recognize that not every family can pay full tuition, while others certainly can.  We have a gracious and fair process to determine the amount of tuition assistance we can offer families who apply for it.

Tuition Assistance

The most objective way to determine tuition assistance for each family is to enlist the services of a third party assessment firm. The FAST company offers a private, secure method of evaluating each family's need for tuition assistance.

You will not be able to apply for tuition assistance until after your application for enrollment has been processed, so there is plenty of time to ask questions about FAST. When the time comes to apply for tuition assistance, simply follow the link to the right. You will be guided through the application.

Note: FAST charges a non-refundable $48.00 fee for this service.

Begin the FAST financial aid process by clicking the logo on the right.