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Recommended Reading

PCCS has certain values.  The following articles express our core values and will help to introduce you to the philosophy underpinning Classical Christian Education.

"The Lost Tools of Learning" by Dorothy Sayers

"An Introduction to Classical Christian Education" by Christopher Perrin, PhD

"Why Choose Paideia?" by D. Matthew Allen, J.D.

"Why Choose Paideia?: Seven Years Later" by D. Matthew Allen, J.D.

Commencement Address: 2016 -- "The Difficulty of Living for a Far Green Country" by Dr. Tim Bridges

Commencement Address: 2017 -- "Of Paul and Walden" by Dr. Tim Bridges

"Honoring our Heritage: A Brief History of Paideia" by D. Matthew Allen, J.D.

"Abraham Lincoln, Books, and Your Child" by D. Matthew Allen, J.D.