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At Paideia we strive to mold our students into well-rounded adults. We believe that the qualities of teamwork, effort and work ethic are all necessary in reaching our said goal. These qualities are all found in athletics. We also realize that a classically-trained student lives in a competitive world that does not normally pursue virtue or sacrifice on behalf of others: therefore, the student must learn how to exercise virtue within a world hostile to the aims of his education. Within a classical school, athletics provide an opportunity for him to exercise his morality in a competitive world: there, the competitor is to do his best to achieve victory by exercising rightly- ordered virtue. This stands in contrast not only to outright cheating, but also achieving ugly victory by wrongly-ordered virtues. With rightly-ordered virtue, then, the competitor is to give it his best with the intent of winning, work within given authority (rules, referee, coach and team), and exercise noble character at all times.

Shakespeare Play

Each year, "The Paideia Players" (7th-12th grades) perform a Shakespeare play. With strong performances from the cast and the dedicated service of the crew, this is a true highlight of the school year.